Name                                : Mrs. Mani

Name of Husband     : Mr. Raja Nayaka

Name of SHG                : Dhanalakshmi SHG

Name of Village           : Maddur

District                            : Yelandur


Mani and Raja Nayaka reside at Maddur village, of Yelandur taluk. They have 3 children – 2 girls and a boy. Both Mani and Nayaka are illiterate and their source of income is through flower binding and selling. This was fetching them very less income. They did not have a house of their own and they were living in Mani’s mother’s place.

ODP Intervention:

ODP staff visited each house of this village and provided information to the people about ODP, its programs and the strength in formation of SHG’s for the betterment of people. Mrs. Mani joined the “Dhanalakshmi Mahila Sangha” and started to save Rs. 50 each month from 22nd August 2005.

 Financial betterment – stage by stage:

After 6 months Mrs. Mani borrowed a little money from the sangha and started preparing breakfast items at home and selling the same. The family income improved a little and she was able to manage the family better.

Later she borrowed money from the federation and placed her children in good schools and provided them good education.

Dhanalakshmi Mahila Sangha borrowed Rs. 2 lakh from the local bank and each member got Rs. 10,000 based on what they wanted to utilise the money for a petty shop for grocery items. The shop did well and the family’s financial status increased stage by stage with the income earned from flower vending, selling breakfast items and the petty shop.

 Mani next decided to construct a house in the same site as her mother, as there was space for this on her mother’s site. She laid the foundation for a small house by taking loan from the Mahilodaya federation. She availed housing facility from the Panchayath under Ashraya Yojana and constructed a beautiful little house. Now the family is living happily in their own house in Maddur village.

Mani and her husband bought a site and now they are growing different type of flowers and are selling them at higher rates. Few of her SHG members help her in plucking and knitting flowers and earn little income. Mani has bought a T.V for the house and a small refrigerator for the petty shop, to store cool drinks, ice creams, curd and milk for sale. Her knowledge about the business has improved and she is able to decide on the items to be bought for sale.

Future Plan:

Mani is now planning to have a fancy store attached to her petty shop. Presently she and her husband have learnt to sign. She wants to provide good education for her 3 children. Mani and her husband want their children to come up well in life, have a good occupation / job and have an identity / recognition in society.

Mani Says: Though we (I and my husband) were not educated we were able to come up in life, only because of ODP and the SHG. I and my family convey our deep felt gratitude to ODP and the SHG members for extending their hands in helping us improve our life and now we are leading a dignified life and are considered as being a model family in our village. Thank you.