Mr. Nagaraj lives with his wife and three children in KS doddi village. He is a member of Chandramouli SHG for the last two years, attends all meetings and does regular savings. Mr. Nagaraj is an active member of the group and involves himself in all the activities of the group. At present he is selected as one of the group representatives.


Before Intervention:

Mr. Nagraj had 4 acres of dry land with one bore well and one open well. Due to poor rainfall in the area the bore well got dried off and the water level in the open well was about 10 feet. The water was sufficient only to irrigate 1 acre of land, in which he was growing maize.


After Intervention:

After implementing watershed measures such as earthen bunds, farm ponds, check dams, RRS and other components in the project area, rain water is harvested in these measures which have helped in the percolation of water and increase in the ground water level.

As a result of this the bore well in Mr. Nagraj’s farm recharged and started working. Also, the water level in the open well has increased upto 25 feet.  He is thus able to pump out water from both wells.

With good water availability Mr. Nagraj has now converted another three acres of his dry land to irrigated land. He is cultivating maize, turmeric, onion and sugarcane in all four acres of his land. In the last agriculture season he has grown sugarcane in one and a half acres, turmeric in one and a half acres and onion in one acre of land, and earned a good profit, as detailed below –

Crops # of acres Quintals Total Expenditure Net profit
Sugarcane 1.5 acres 60 tonnes 157500 61940
Turmeric 1.5 acres 30 quintals 240000 125000
Onion` 1 acre 15 quintals 30000 11000
Total 427500 197940

Mr. Nagraj is very happy with the income earned and shared that with the additional income he has levelled his land and put up drip irrigation facility, so as to conserve the use of water, as much as possible. He has also put his children in a better school for higher education in Tamil Nadu. The family members have expressed their gratitude and thanked ODP for the good works done.