Beneficiary Name      :   Mr. Thomaiyan

Wifes Name                   :   Mrs. Mary

SHG Name                     :   Preethi  Self-help group

 Name of the village   :   Mariamangala in Kollegal Taluk



Mrs. Thomaiyan, resides in the village of Mariamangala, in Kollegal Taluk of Chamarajanagar district. His family consist of 5 members – his wife, 2 daughters and a son. Mr. Thomaiyan is an active member of Preethi SHG. He has 3 acres of land and 3 Holstein Friesian Milch Cows. His main occupation is agriculture.

Before ODP intervention:

Before joining the SHG Mr. Thomaiyan was regularly using chemical fertilizers for cultivation. He did not have any knowledge of organic farming. He used to spend about Rs. 10000/- annually for applying chemical fertilizers for his 3 acres of land, but his crops did not fetch him profit.


After ODP Intervention:

After joining Preethi SHG, promoted by ODP, he underwent trainings on organic farming at field level. He participated in 3 exposures to learn about organic farming. He learnt that low cost inputs through organic farming could get better benefits and also preserve soil fertility – which would create a good environment for agriculture in the years ahead. This encouraged him to do organic cultivation.

Since 2000, once in 2 years, he applied 3 tractor load of cow dung and 9 tractor loads of farmyard manure to his 3 acres of land.  In the first year  of organic cultivation he grew maize  in his  3 acres of land and got an yield of 15 quintals, which did not give him any profit. He spent Rs. 15000/ in the first year. However, in the 2nd year, he has taken two crops and got an yield of  30 quintals and a profit of Rs.6000/- . He is also growing fodder in his field and spends less for fodder for his cow.



Presently he has completely stopped using chemical fertilizers to any crop, He uses only farm yard manure to all his crops. Every Day he gets 10 litres of milk from each cow and he gives this to the dairy. His income level has come up. The income earned from the cows is used for maintaining his house expenses. The income earned from agriculture is used for the childrens education – as he has one son doing his graduation and a daughter studying TCH. He also got his elder daughter married.

Mr. Thomaiyan and his family thank ODP for bringing change in their family and being the reason for the betterment of their family.