Name : Mrs. Maramma w/o Marankaiah
ID # : WO/MYT86
Village Name : Anaganahalli, Gopalpura
District : Mysore district.

Family Background:
Mrs. Maramma, 70 years, lives with 8 members under the same roof – her husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters in law, 3 grand children. The family has 3 acres of land. The elder son is a farmer, He grows Ragi, maize, cereals, grams in their farm and the 2nd son work as a daily wage labourer.
SHG Member:
Mrs. Maramma is a member of Sindhu Sri SHG from the past 3 years. She is an active members in the SHG, she is regular for meetings and makes regular savings and repayments.

Status prior to toilet construction:
Mrs. Maramma’s family was using the agricultural field for defecation, which is 300 mtrs far from their house. 2 daughters–in-law and grand children were often frustrated to go for defecation. They had to go early in the morning or late evening only. They were feeling insecure, inferior and less privileged. Women were avoiding drinking water properly and having full meals, thinking that would make them to go for defecation. Children were scared of insects and ants while using the field for defecation.

Mr. Marankaiah fell down while raring cows in their field, He was suffering from a Spinal problem. He was unable to walk independently; and needed two people to support him for walking. He was not using a bed pan. His 2 sons used to help him to go to the field for defecation. The sons were not always available at home to take him for the same. Marankaiah was not willing to take his daughters in laws support in the absence of his sons. Hence he was avoiding taking food and water

Intervention of the project:
Mrs. Maramma expressed her problem during the SHG meeting, ODP animators visited her house assessed the situation and gave information of the Water & Sanitation Project. Mrs. Maramma was very happy knowing about this opportunity, She availed Rs. 7000/- from Water and Sanitation project and also she borrowed Rs. 3000/- from her SHG and with the help of her 2nd son (Mason) she constructed a toilet.
• Mr. Mariaha is happy to use the toilet which is at his door step. He manages to go to the toilet his own. He is using a special chair to make himself more comfortable on the toilet. He feels happy as he is less dependent on others, and can answer nature calls with dignity.
• Women at home are happy, secure and privileged to have a toilet in their household. They are now having good appetite and drink required water without any constrain
• Children are free from ant and insect bites and also from infection.
• Men have got more time and peace of mind to earn their livelihood since his father is able to manage by himself.

Mr. Marankaiah and his family express that they are very happy and privileged to have the toilet in their home. They thank Water & Sanitation Project of ODP and Water.Org for providing this facility to them.