Empowerment of Elected Women Represtatives in Panchayaths – Supported by The Hunger Project


In the past even though women are elected into the Gram Panchyath they were not the real decision makers, but rather were made by their husbands and other male members in the Panchayath. In order to empower women leaders elected into the panchayath and to enable them to become decision maker and change agents a Capacity Building Project was planned with the support of “THE HUNGER PROJECT” and implemented from May 2005 in 17 Taluks of our working area covering 202 Grama Panchayath trainings are provided to 1100 women leaders.


“A collaborative space for women in local governance, alongside men”.


  • To empower train elected women panchayath leaders to understand their role/ responsibilities, to gain self-confidence and leadership capacities to work for good local governance at village level.
  • To promote Taluk federation leaders and SHG members for self-management and good governance by building up their capacity with need based training.
  • To build up the capacity of people’s leaders for improving their quality of life.

 In 2000, 389 women contested in Gram Panchayath election and 186 members won it.

5039 Elected Women Representatives from 526 Panchayats, 21 Taluk are trained to work effectively.

After training GP members have clear picture about the roles responsibilities and functioning system. As a result good linkages are building up for availing various facilities

Good Linkages & better networking with Government – Grama Panchayath, Taluk/ Zilla Panchayath and Departments, Counselling centers, Helpline, Police and free legal authority, Banks, NGO’s are made towards the development of women.

Women  are tackling basic need problem in villages through Panchayth like drinking water, electricity, proper drainage system, sanitation and road repair/new road, identifying school drop outs and motivating them.

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