10 Area of Project at Kollegal and Chamarajanagar – supported by Andheri Hilfe Bonn

From its inception, ODP has been concerned about ecology and its steady depletion. Programs to conserve natural resources were taken up by ODP as early as 1985 – 86, with the help of CRS, under their Food for Work programs. However, the initial approach was in a piece-meal manner, with no long term impact and minimal involvement of farming families. This led to thinking, reflection and change in approach. ODP’s approach towards environment protection programs became more integrated in 1989, with increased involvement of people in planning and implementation of conservation programs. Integrated Watershed Management Programs came into being where the entire gamut of resources in a watershed area are taken into consideration for sustainable development and self-sufficiency, i.e. land, water, soil, trees, farming systems and man.

Saving of nearly 805 Tcm. of rain water per year – through our conservation measures:  (1 Tcm = 10,00,000 liters) in 42 dry and drought prone areas of Chamarajanagar and Kollegal area and heavy rainfall area of Somwarpet – covering nearly 250 villages & hamlets. This has brought a major impact in the life of the stakeholders this has reduced the people migrating from this area hunting for job. Constructing below mentioned components the water level have increased and farmers have started agriculture activities in these areas and many other laborers’ have found agriculture work in their own home town.


Enable needy and marginalized communities to enhance their capacities for sustainable livelihoods.


  • Contribute to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the poor rural population of drought prone areas in Karnataka
  • Contribute to capacitate the poor and disadvantaged sections of rural population to participate actively in the development process
  • Contribute to improve sustainable natural resource management for enhancing livelihoods of small / marginal farmers and landless families in 6 poor and drought prone areas.
  • Contribute to improve the status of women in the family and the community.

ODP has taken up NRM programs in 27 areas till now covering 190 villages through which we have made more than 20,000 families of small and marginalized farmers aware of environment issues, conservation aspects, and means of better productivity / Income, linkages development and strength in unity.

  • Presently we have watershed projects on going in 15 areas –
  • 5 areas in Somwarpet taluk of Kodagu district- 15730 acres
  • 4 areas in Kollegal Taluk of Chamarajanagar district 7076.62 acres &
  • 6 areas in Chamarajanagar taluk of Chamarajanagar district- 7113.89 acres

Achievements in the Project



Physical Components


  • Land Development works through trenching and bunding has been done


In More than 25,000 acres of land  benefiting more than 60000 people directly and more than 2 lakh members through indirectly in 122 villages.  The people are improved in term of economically, socially and culturally and have created few assets.
  • Bunding Works
2458.15 acres of land (1,96,652 RMT)
  • Farm Ponds
158 nos
  • Check dams
79 nos
  • Nala Bund
46 nos
  • Sunken pond
24 nos
  • New ponds
3 nos
  • Percolation pond
3 nos
  • Gabion Dams
11 nos
  • Pond Desiliting
61 nos
  • Renovation of Ponds
28 nos.
19151.68 TCM (1 Tcm = 10,00,000 liters) of water has been harvested from Earthen Dams, Ponds Desilting, Renovation of Ponds, Farm Ponds, Continuous Contour Trenches, Gabion Ponds, Waterways, Diversion Channels, New Ponds, Sunken Ponds and Percolation Ponds.
  • Waste Weir Construction
310 Nos.
  • Continuous contour trenches
10,198 rmts
  • Staggered Contour Trenches
5743 rmts
  • Waterways
3801 rmts.
  • Diversion channels
5801 rmts
  • Agro Horticulture
1,66,186 nos
  • Agro Forest
1,62,000 nos
  • Model Plots
33 nos
  • Kitchen Garden
5650 nos
  • Vermi Compost pits
730 nos
  • Rain guage
  • Community Borewells
124 nos
  • Biogas
1106 Families
  • Community Hall
12 nos
  • Revine Reclamation structure
5 nos
  • Water Absorption Trenches

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