Visitors 2011

  • Mahadev Wadvi, AGM, NABARD of Mandya zone, visited ODP on 2nd June 2011 to conduct an Evaluation of the CPART / KROSS – Rural Sanitation Project at Maddur and K R Pet. Mr. Roland Benson and Mr. Santhosh from KROSS were also present.
  • A 3 members CRS team visited ODP on 22nd July to review the OD process.
  • On 25th November, a team 26 animators from the Centre for Non-Formal Education, Bijapur, visited ODP for an exchange with the leaders of our federation and to learn about its different structures and the bio-gas project in particular.
  • Latha Bhaskar visited ODP on 1st and 2nd April, and conducted an evaluation of Water.Org project works.
  • On 23rd November, the Taluk Health Centre (THC) organised ‘Arogya Jana Samvada’ (a public interaction on health) at K.R. Nagar town. Mr. Sa.Ra.Mahesh the MLA, was present. 40 members from 14 SHGs of Basavarajapura, Chwokalli and Ayaralli villages took part in the program and brought to the notice of the officials various problems the villages were facing. During MLA’s interaction with the members, he assured to provide nutritious food to the children in the ‘Anganavadi’ instead of Kurkure (snacks) which they had been hitherto distributing.
  • On 11th August, an interaction program was organized for Watershed Assistants and the Executive Committee Members of DMG Halli under Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) implemented with the support of Mysore WDD
  • 28 members (staff and farmers) from Kristha Seva Sharana, Birur, visited Thomayarpalyam village and had useful interaction with SHG members and farmers.

Visitors 2012


  • On 27th January, Mr. Justin Johny, THP Program Associate for Karnataka, visited ODP to review the progress of the project.
  • On May 21st, the THP team from New Delhi, comprising of Mr. Justin Johnny, Mr. Sukantho and Mrs. Ganga, the national trainer for THP, New Delhi, visited Somawarpet SUGRAMA federation. The team had interactions with EWRs and the Federation EC members to assess and evaluate the impacts of trainings/meetings, building linkages, etc. The team expressed satisfaction over the progress, which is in line with the vision of THP.
  • On 6th December, a team of 5 members – 3 from SWISS Development Corporation (SDC) and 2 from THP, Delhi – visited ODP for a monitoring visit. Review of the activities was done at ODP from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. It was followed by field visit to KR Nagar and interaction with SUGRAMA Federation members at Jahnavi.


  • On 12th and 13th April, Mr. Girish from KROSS visited ODP and Mandya and held discussions with the Director and Project Officer, on the HIV project activities. He also interacted with PLHIVs/CLHIVs, SHG/GP Members in the field and verified records.


  • From 22nd to 24th May 2012, Sr. Nancy, the State Coordinator, visited ODP and reviewed the activities of WEP with staff and SHG/CC members (under BHM project).
  • On 19th and 20th September, an external/internal evaluation team comprising of Prof. Ms. Rita Noronha, Sr. Nancy, Sr. Laveena, Ms. Vani, Ms. Lydia and Mr. Srujan came to ODP for an evaluation of the Woman Empowerment Program of B H M. They visited Agasanahundi and Aswalu villages and interacted with 4 SHGs and 12 individual members. 1 CC meeting was conducted and the youth, Panchayath members and villagers were also invited to give their opinion about the functioning of the SHGs and the developmental activities taken up under the project.

KROSS-OD Process:

  • On 19th November, Mr Cyril W Vas visited ODP, to assess the status of OD Process implementation. It was found that 98% if things are in place. The compliance of others too is in progress.


  • Anitha from KROSS, Bengaluru visited ODP to learn about our ARE project implementation.


  • On 1st March, 22 delegates from NIMSE, Hyderabad A.P. visited ODP to study its activities and Micro Finance method in particular.
  • On 12th Oct, 17 delegates from NIMSE visited ODP to study Organization. The Coordinator along with Mrs. Gita, Program Manager, gave an orientation and answered all their queries.
  • On 21st Nov, 18 executives of ARB Bank, Ghana and NIMSE, Hyderabad, AP visited ODP for a learning session. Mrs Gita, Program Manager and Mrs Molly, the Program Coordinator gave them an orientation about ODP.


  • Sabitha, Regional Officer, SAFP-Kerala visited ODP on 12th and 13th April – on 12th for auditing of accounts and letters verification and on 13th for monitoring visit and review inspection.
  • She also conducted 2 monitoring visits on 18th and 19th and 11th and 12th Dec. During these visits she visited 18 Families and verified family hand books, Income Generating Activities, Familz budgeting, Fund utilization, Kitchen garden, etc.


  • On 23rd and 24th July, Mr. Rakesh, CIF, Mumbai, visited Mysore CHILDLINE to discuss about phone connectivity issues. Phone testing program was organized and 181 phones were tested. Mrs. Kaveri (city-in-charge) from CHILDLINE, Chennai visited for a review of the project works.

Manos Unidas, Spain:

  • On 23 Nov, 2 representatives from Manos Unidas, Spain, Ms Teresa Santoro and Ms Elisa Lovina, visited the watershed area of BG Halli and had interaction with the stakeholders.

College Students:

  • On 18th January, a team from Mahajan College, Mysore comprising of Mr. Prabahakar, the Principal, K.V. College, Mr. Isaac and Mr. Fred from Uganda and a few SHG members, visited ODP to study about MFI. After a brief orientation they were taken to Siddalingapura for field exposure and interaction with SHG members.
  • 10 students from Banjara Institute of Management came to ODP for an exposure. They were detailed about the activities of ODP.
  • On 19th May 45 MSW students along with three faculty members of Vijayanagar Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Sandur Tq, Bellary dist. visited ODP. Orientation was given to these students.

BDDS – Belgaum:

  • On 21st May, the Director and 48 staff members of BDSSS (Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society) visited ODP for an exposure. An appraisal on Mahilodaya Federation was conducted by Mrs. Sunitha along with the visitors.
  • On 14th 2 staff members and 3 leaders of SHG from BDDDSS, Belgaum, visited ODP to study the FMSHG concept. They were given orientation on ODP and Mrs. Sunitha explained about FMSHG and clarified all their doubts.


  • On 28th January, about 50 Shri Shakti members visited ODP. Orientation was given about the concept of ODP and later they had an interaction with the PEEP Unit members.
  • On 27th March, a team from Gulbarga visited ODP for an exposure. After a brief orientation, the team was taken to Alanahalli for a field visit, where they interacted with SHG group members. More than 30 SHG leaders were present for the interaction.
  • On 14th Dec, 15 SHG leaders from Don Bosco, Chitradurgha visited ODP for an exposure. They were given an orientation about ODP and taken for an interaction with the PEEP Unit members.


Visitors 2013

On 15th February, a team from KROSS, Bangalore, visited ODP to review the coordination of ODP programs and to assist in putting in place effective systems and structures for good governance in the organization.

On 15th February, Mr. Vijay, Asst. Director of Women and Child Development Department visited ODP to inspect and verify the infrastructure. He had an interaction with PEEP unit workers. He was pleased to issue a certificate of recommendation for sanction of the vegetable growing project, sponsored by KROSS.


On 27thand 28thFebruary, 52 foreign delegates from Ni-MSME, Hyderabad, visited ODP for an exposure in two separate groups.

On 3rd & 4th April, Mr. Shivaramakrishnan, DDM of NABARD, Madikeri, visited Harohalli and Chikkabbur Watershed areas for monitoring works.

From 8th to 12th July, Ms. Chitra Anchan, Program Coordinator CIF, visited CHILDLINE Mysore for monitoring the activities.

In the month of October Mr. Govinda Raju Chintala, Chief General Manager, NABARD Bangalore and Mr. M.C. Nanaiah, District Development Manager, Madikeri, visited the working area. Rev. Fr. Staney D’Almeda, Director – ODP, detailed to them about the status of the project, achievements, results, etc. They discussed with VWC members about progress and problems and with farmers about work quality, payments and LC. They also verified the accounts books. They were pleased with the project activities implemented and released funds to the VWC’s.

Mr. Lawrence Fryer, Ms. Kerstin from Susheela Dharma, German and Ms. Stepney Holland from Susheela Dharma Britain visited ODP in the month of October 2013 to know about Sustainable agriculture especially organic farming.


Ms. Ramya, actress and member of the Parliament, Mandya district, visited Snehalaya children care center Mandya on 13th November 2013. She interacted with the children and assessed the problems. SNEHA Project Coordinator submitted a memorandum for financial support to sustain the care centre.

Water.Org team visited ODP twice for planning, monitoring and evaluation in the months of July & December. Ms. Lesley, International Programs Manager, USA; Mr. Nayagam, Senior WATSAN Officer, and Ms. Jayanthi, Documentation officer came for visit.

On 10th December a Philliphain’s team of THP consisting of 4 members visited SUGRAMA of Chamarajanagar to evaluate the progress of the federation. They were pleased and appreciated the federation activities.

On 18th December 2013, 14 leaders and 6 staff of Canara Organisation for Development and Peace (CODP), Mangalore, visited ODP for learning and sharing.

On the same day, 30 trainees of “Promotion, Nurturing and Credit linkage of SHG Federation” along visited ODP. These trainees interacted with the federation members.


28 women trainees from Don Bosco Training Centre, Mysore visited the units and interacted with the unit workers.

Visitors 2014

On 9th January, 5 members along with the director Fr. B. Leeno, from LODI MSSS, Warangal diocese, Andhra Pradesh, visited ODP to learn about the guidelines of handling the accounts, monitoring and reporting systems of watershed projects. They also visited Prakashpalya, Mariyapura, Kothanuru, and Sundralli to see the project activities.

On 16th January, 36 members visited ODP through Caritas India, to learn about social analysis and community mobilization. Next day they visited Mandya to get practical knowledge of the specified subject. They did house visits, interacted with women SHG, CC, Men SHG and Jagurhi Vedike members and collected needed information.

On 7th February, 23 Canadian students visited ODP to know about the ODP activities, implemented through various programs and project.

On 13 February 23 leaders from Centre for Non Formal Education, Bijapur, along with their director Fr. Gerald D’Souza, visited ODP to learn about the ODP activities and particularly about Mahilodaya Federation.

In the month of February and October, a total of 82 international delegates from different countries visited ODP in 4 groups through Nimse – Hyderabad, to learn about the ODP activities and particularly about “Promotion of Micro Enterprises”.

On 20th May 2014, 52 SHG leaders from World Vision visited ODP, to learn about livelihood promotion.

In the month of July, a group of 22 members from HAPPI Kerala visited ODP and got orientation on ODP and its activities.

Mr. Alosyous Fernandes, chairperson of Sangamitra and NABFINS, visited ODP along with his team and briefed about ODP collaborating with NABFINS, to serve the financial needs of the SHGs more comprehensively.

Mr. Cloudious, from BOSCH visited ODP to learn about organization in order to have further collaboration.

In the month of June 15students from Princeton University USA visited ODP through Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies. These students were oriented about ODP and its various projects / programs.

Mrs. Nirmala, Development officer, Women and Child Development Department, visited the Vegetable Plots at Shettanayakanahalli and chilly Plot at Nuggahalli to monitor the project activities and also interacted with the beneficiaries.

Dr. Vasanth Kumar, Agriculture Scientist (P.h.D) in Plant Pathology, and a Rajyostava awardee, visited the farmers and their plots at Gohalli, assessed the problem in the tomato crop and provided valuable suggestions to take precautions to avoid these problem

In the month of July, Ms. Lesley Pores, International Program Manager, South Asia and Mr. Nayakam, Senior WatSan Officer, Water.Org visited ODP and reviewed the project activities.

In the month of November Mrs. Rahul from M2i visited ODP and the field to conduct post line survey of Water.Org activities.

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