Programs / Projects

I. Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

  1. Federation of Maholidaya Self Help Groups (FMSHG)
  2. Empowerment of Elected Women Represtatives in Panchayaths – Supported by The Hunger Project
  3. Women Empowerment Projects – Supported by BHM/ KROSS
  4. CHILDLINE MYSORE – Supported by Childline India Foundation & Ministry of Women & Child Development

 II. Natural Resource Management Program (NRMP)

  1. 10 Area of Project at Kollegal and Chamarajanagar – supported by Andheri Hilfe Bonn
  2. SOMWARPETE Watershed Project – supported by NABARD
  3. Alternative Renewable Energy Project – supported by Andheri Hilfe Bonn & The Energy Resource Institute (TERI)
  4. Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP)
  5. Farmers Feeration – Grama Vikasa Sawasahaya Sanghagala Maha Okkutta (GVSSMO)

 III. Livlihood Enhancement Program (LEP)

  1. Income Generation Prjects (IGP)
  2. Promotion of Entreprenuership and Emplyment Project (PEEP)
  3. Family Development Project – supported by Save A Family Plan (SAFP)

 IV. Capacity Building Program (CBP)

 V. Health and Sanitation Program (HAS)

  1. Water and Sanitation Project – supported by Water.Org

 VI. Research and Development Program (R & D)

  1. Raleigh International Project