Sustainable Agriculture Project


Today the Indian farmer is degrading his land by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow high yielding crops of hybrid ariety. The technique, though high paying for a while, degrades soil at a very quick pace and a few years later the land becomes sterile, saline and devoid of micro-organisms which are absolutely essential for soil conservation. Improved agriculture and productivity for secure livelihoods is a basic outcome of Sustainable Agriculture Program. it is very essential that farmers are made aware of the ill-effects of the use of chemicals and hybrid varieties and more importantly that they are brought back to sustainable and low cost methods of agriculture, using organic manure, bio-repellents,  local variety of seeds, indigenous, etc


To improve productivity for better food security


  • Promotion of improved and sustainable agriculture methods
  • Increase use of organic manure and pesticides
  • Promote low input agriculture
  • Build linkages for availability of agriculture credit.

More than 25 lakhs trees planted and taken care of. 730 vermi compost pits are made, 1,66,186 nos Horticulture plants and 1,62,000 Forestry plants are distributed,  5650 kitchen gardens and 33 model plots are maintained.