Income Generation Program


To enhance economic stability of poor and needy families, particularly women and the landless, for a better quality of life.


Agriculture, the mainstay of a majority of people in India, is becoming a non-viable venture, unable to provide adequate work or income to families throughout the year. To compensate for non-agricultural times and counter-balance this inadequacy we need to plan for feasible IGPs so that the basic needs of the families are met all the year round. Special emphasis needs to be given for the livelihood security of landless families.The IGP program help families to take up various viable non-farm schemes like – back-yard poultry, rearing of milch cows, sheep and goats, setting up petty shops / petty businesses, etc. Through entrepreneurship development training programs the beneficiaries are motivated to improve and enhance their skills and quality of life. These IGPs are routed through people’s institutions and federations formed by ODP. ODP is also encouraging farmers to take up Horticulture plantation as an alternate income source. A fruit plant, after 4/5 years will provide the farmer with an assured income of `1000 to 5000 annually.igp

Income Generation Activities :

During the year 155 families have been helped with IGP loans as detailed below –
• 19 cows – to Thomayarpalaya • 14 cows – to Mariapura
• 11 cows – to Sandanapalya • 4 sheep units – to Sandanapalya
• 39 cows – to Somwarpet • 14 petty shop – to Somwarpet
• 13 pig units – to Somwarpet • 5 tailoring machines – to Somwarpet
• 4 poultry units – to Somwarpet • 18 cows – to B G Halli
• 14 sheep units – to B G Halli