Capacity Building Program (CBP)

Capacity Building Program (CBP)

                      ‘Knowledge is power’

Goal: To enhance knowledge and build capacity of the staff and communities at large.

ODP firmly believes that given the right type of knowledge and skills, people will be enlightened and strengthen themselves to contend with any situation they may have to face. ODP’s vision is to ‘empower the marginalized’ and for this to happen training programs based on the needs of the situation of the poor are a must.


ODP is recognized as a training/learning/sharing resource centerto address multifarious training needs at local/ state/national levels. A team called THINK (Trainings for Human Inspiration and Knowledge) was established by ODP in 1998 comprising of experts and Coordinators in various fields, to plan for need based trainings of the organization and others.ODP as a resource center had been conducting several training on various topics for its staff members, for the people from its working areas and others as well. The Pragathi Training Center (PTC) of ODP is a great asset of immense value for trainings as it is well equipped and caters to the training needs of ODP. This Center is also being availed by various other GOs and NGOs for their training needs.