SNEHA – HIV/AIDS project

SNEHA – HIV/AIDS project


Presently, India is deemed to be the highest carrier of the HIVAIDS virus and the spread is continuing at an alarming rate. It is only through emphasized awareness

that we can stop the spread of this killer virus. ODP has initiated the program

in two high risk areas of Mandya and Chamarajanagar, to initiated a HIV/AIDS

awareness provide rehabilitation, counseling, care and medical/nutritional/

educational support to infected & affected people. Awareness is created through lectures, interaction sessions, film shows, street plays and one to one sessions /one to group sessions.

Celebration of events:

  • On 8th March, Women’s day was organized for PLHIVs at Snehalaya. 78 members including the staff participated in the event.         Dr. Mohan, DTO, Mandya, conducted an input session on TB. Fr. Staney D’Almeda, Asst. Director, was present on the occasion and distributed 50 saris to women.
  • World Aids Day Programme was organized in collaboration with DAPCU and other NGOs at Kodagu, Mandya and Maddur towns. The programme was inaugurated by the District Commissioner and SNEHALAYA children presented a cultural program. More than 1300 SHG members and college students participated


Local Support:

  •  55 children received new dresses by Mr. Vimal, proprietor of Raymonds Shop, Mysore.
  •  40 PLHIVs received nutritional support from the members of SHGs and GPs.
  • Collected `13,000/ was collected from students of St. Philomena’s college Mysore, for CLHIVs welfare.
  • Vegetables, fruits and eggs were collected regularly from the city market of Mandya for Snehalaya children.
  • 112 children received `800/ each from Department of Women and Child Development of Chamarajanagar District
  • 65 children were provided educational support (Note Books) from ODP


  •  PLHIVs have understood the importance of ART adherence, effects of TB, need for good Nutrition and clarified many of their misconceptions and doubts.
  • GP and VHSC members are aware about HIV/AIDS, NRHM programs and their role in VHCs.
  • 42 PLHIVs were trained to prepare soap powder, phenol, soap oil and washing powder and are using these training skills.
  • 3 PLHIVs have found Job placement in the positive networks.
  • College/high school students and youths are aware about HIV/AIDS and have knowledge to take effective precautions.
  • SHG members are made aware of HIV/AIDS and are better able to accept and support PLHIVs with reduced stigma and discrimination.
  • 30 PLHIVs have enrolled in the positive network / SHGs, and are saving regularly.
  • 3 PLHIVs have become good speakers at the positive networks and other forums.
  • There is increased in self confidence in PLHIVs.
  • There is decrease in OIs among PLHIVs and CLHIVs and they are maintaining their CD4 count for long periods without ART.
  • Acceptance from family members is slowly increasing.