Family Development Project (FDP)

Family Development Project (FDP)


To assist the poorest of the poor in society by supporting them on a regular basis and enable them to earn better living so as to improve the quality of their life.


Integrated development of Regular Beneficiary (RB) families.

The Target Groups are:

• Poorest of poor families
• Families with very poor source of income
• Widow headed families with young children
• Families of abandoned women with children
• Families having mentally challenged /physically
handicapped members

Achievements during the Year:

Gatherings : On March 16th, the Annual Beneficiary Gathering was conducted at ODP, for which Fr. Augustine Bharnikulangara, Director, and Mr. K.V. Joy, Regional officer, from SAFP, Kerala were present. Bishop of Mysore presided over the function. Mrs. Indira, Asst. Director of Women and Child Welfare Department, Mysore, spoke on the occasion. 240 members attended the program.fdp



Lend a helping hand – build a family