Farmer’s Federation

Farmer’s Federation

Grama Vikasa Swa-Sahaya Sanghagala Maha Okkutta (GVSSSMO):

GVSSSMO is the apex level body of all the farmers groups promoted by ODP. Unique in its concept, GVSSSMO is promoted by ODP to address issues related to the Natural Resource Management (NRM) and other developmental activities for an integrated development of village communities.


• To make members aware of sustainable and low cost agricultural practices and technologies;
• To improve seed storage facilities and market agricultural products;
• To develop need based linkages for mobilization of resources;
• To give timely support to its members for agricultural activities and Income Generation Activities.

Achievements in 2011:

• GVSSSMO is functioning in 95 villages and has 216 farmers Self Help Groups under it with 3815 members. 140 groups of these SHGs are affiliated to the federation.
• 28 Central Committees are functioning under 224 able leaders.
• During the year 12 groups received membership ODPfarmers fed