Jalagram Project

Jalagram Project


The project AIMs to make people aware of their responsibility towards ecology, prepare them to contend with drought situations in a better manner and shape them into responsible persons who will be able to manage the resources in their area for improved livelihoods. Background of the village Pushpapura is a drought prone area in Kollegal Taluk of Chamarajanagar district. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture. During summer season the people migrate to Kerala State or Kodagu District in search of work and livelihood. Organization of Groups

• The existing 3 men and 2 women groups in the area, which had become nonfunctional, were reorganized and strengthened.

• A new Central Committee was formed with representatives from both the men and women groups.

• Awareness programs were conducted and trainings were given to SHG members on NRM, ARE, sustainable agriculture, water & sanitation, concept of SHG /CC and their responsibilities, bio-repellents, etc.

Measures Implemented

• Desiltation of a pond was taken up in the upper reaches of the village – which is now a good source of drinking water for all the cattle Supply of solar lanterns 17 dislltation of village water pond 1,Preparation of kitchen gardens 30
•17 solar lanterns were provided to as many beneficiaries –which is being used by children to study in the evenings during power
cuts and by farmers to go to their fields at night
•3 bore-wells were re-charged in the village – to improve the availability of drinking water to families
•25 vermi-compost pits were set up – which has made farmers aware of the need for organic agriculture

•In addition, 10 farmers were motivated to take up the preparation and use of bio-pesticides and provided with 2 sprayers – in order to strengthen the options for taking up organic cultivation

30 kitchen gardens were initiated – to improve the nutrition status of families

•15 toilets were constructed – for better health and hygiene. There is a lot of demand for more toilets.
A sum of `4,05,975/- was spent on implementation of these activities, the tools to raise the living conditions of the backward hamlet of Pushpapura.


• Increased unity prevailing among members of the families.
• SHG and CC Members are taking more initiative in regularly attending meetings and discussing about problems related to the
development of the village.
• People are capacitated through trainings and awareness programs and are confident to handle challenging issues arising in individual lives and in the community.
• After strengthening of men and women groups, the savings have increased.
• More families are taking initiative to construct toilets in their houses – as a result of which the general
cleanliness and health in the families has improved.