Women Empowerment Programs (WEP)

Women Empowerment Programs (WEP)

The Women Empowerment Program of ODP was initiated in 1986 with the formation of Self-Help Groups – primarily to discuss problems and issues and find solutions to them, through exchange of experiences and collective action.

MAHILODAYA, the apex level federation of the program, which was initiated in 1990, co-ordinates the entire women empowerment initiatives, with ODP being a support to the federation in its planning and working.

  1.  The women empowerment program aims at achieving the following:
  2.  Organise strong and active women Self-Help Groups to discuss issues /problems and find solutions to them
  3. Develop regular and systematic savings and resource mobilization to manage credit needs through the groups, federation and local banks, thus eliminating exploitation by private money lenders
  4. Mobilise financial resources for income generating programs for making women owners of assets and develop their self esteem / status.
    • Empowerment
    • Organization
    • Leadership
    • Skill Development
    • Environment
    • Health
    • Agriculture
    • Gender Equality
  5. Generate awareness by conducting training programs, camps and workshops on various topics related to –
  6. Involve women in Panchayat and other local governance systems and groom them for leadership in these systems
  7. Take up social issues by way of counseling and holding dharnas and strikes

Today, under the ODP’s Women Empowerment Program, there are 31,390 members in 1754 Self-Help Groups. Women have developed self-esteem and confidence and have been able to gain a rightful place in the family as well as the community

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