Family Development Project


To assist the poorest of the poor in society by supporting them on a regular basis and enable them to earn better living so as to improve the quality of their life.


Integrated development of Regular Beneficiary (RB) families.

ODP has initiated this project from 1992.

A family proposed by the SHG will be verified by animators followed by coordinator verifying the application details and collected the base line data, and then Family Facilitation team at ODP verifies the families for the finalizing matching the criteria. A person from the FDPI will also verify the family and approves in Save A Family Plan India net. Once the family is selected animators provide training at field level and mobilise local resource for their development from Government and other resources and provide entrepreneur training and support them for Income generation and assess their development.

The Target Groups are:
  1.  Poorest of poor families
  2.  Families with very poor source of income
  3.  Widow headed families with young children
  4.  Families of abandoned women with children
  5.  Families having mentally challenged /physically handicapped members

More than 699 families have witness improvements in the quality of life under Family Development Program.
Lend a helping hand – build a family

Family Development Program is supported by Save a Family Plan India (SAFPI), which was founded by Mogr. Augustine Kandathil in 1965, with the vision of “Partnering with the poor for a just world “.Organization for the Development of People(ODP) , is the partner organization in supporting the families to come out of the poverty. ODP is helping nearly 932 families to rise above the poverty line and join to the main stream of the society and live a dignified life and bring happiness in the faces of less opportunities in the society.


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