CHILDLINE MYSORE – Supported by Childline India Foundation & Ministry of Women & Child Development.

We work with two different Sectors.

1.CHILDLINE NODAL NGO CENTER: CHILDLINE is a national, 24- hour, free emergency phone outreach service – for children in need of care and protection. Its a project of the Ministry of Women & Child Development in partnership with NGOs.

2.CHILDLINE CHAMARAJA NAGAR COLLAB CENTER: ODP has taken up the CHILDLINE project from 2010, in collaboration with RLHP and Nisarga Foundation in entire the entire Mysore district.

Aim: To see that every child in distress feels Accepted, Wanted, Protected and Cared. Reach out to every child in need of care and protection by responding to emergencies on 1098. Work together with the Allied systems to create child friendly systems, Advocate for services that are inaccessible, nonexistent or inadequate.

Services provided by CHILDLINE are Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Temporary Shelter, Home Placement and Institutional placement

CHILDLINE has received 5484 calls and intervened in 2289 calls – medical 160, shelter 212, restoration 24, sponsorship 24, Child lost 41, missing child 46. Conducted open house program (54), Inputs, Mass Awareness Program on CHILDLINE reaching Slums (104), villages (94), Schools (548), teachers (2537), colleges (39), Anganwadis (1820) Mothers (6900) and Hospitals (154) Children (52,933) many more other sectors of people.


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