Goal: To bring together artisans  and SHG women to sell their products at a competitive rate-under a common roof and facilitate marketing linkages for producers for their handcrafts or agro-based products, two rural martshave been set up in Mysore and Mandya town areas. Rural Mart is a new venture supported by NABARD, guided by ODP and implemented by Mahilodaya Women Federation.


 Rural Mart Outlets:

  1.        Two outlets are opened, one at Mysuru and another at Mandya. Products such as wire baskets, bamboo bags, food products, masala powders, pappads,  mixtures; and farm products like – millets, millet powder, pepper, honey, turmeric powder; tamarind,  vegetables, edible  oils (ground nut oil; sunflower oil; Agase oil ; Kusub oil; Castor oil)  agarbatthis, candles,  stationery items,etc. are kept in the outlets for selling.     
  2.          Awareness is created among the SHG members to bring their products and keep it in the mart for sale. Awareness has also been generated among the people in surrounding areas, about the marts and their products. The two marts have generated business worth about Rs. 10,00,000/-, with a 15% profit. 250 SHG members have benefited from the marts.


  Sale cum Exhibition:

  1.           Products were displayed at the time of celebrating women’s day and also during National and International events organizedat St.Philomena’s Collage campus, Mysuru. Intellectuals, students, SHG members and the general public visited the stall and expressed their happiness over ODPs efforts for supporting rural people.


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