Good Governance Program


·         Demonstrate the effective role that women can play in Panchayats in addressing key development problems.

·         Establish Panchayat based plans by creation, resource mobilization and implementation of effective plans.

·         Demonstrate Panchayat led initiatives for food security, health care, justice and equality .

·         Capacity building and empowerment of poor  and marginalized       women elected as Panchayath members  so that they can  function effectively for better local governance.

Aim: To build a collaborative space for women in local governance.


·         Promotes community confidence

·         Encourages elected members and council officers to be confident

·         Leads to better decisions

·         Helps local government meet its legislative responsibilities

·         Supports ethical decision making.

Through  the  SWEEP campaign 183  programs were conducted  with a direct outreach  to 5636 women. Awareness was also provided to 60,000 people through the campaign.

Activities Undertaken:

·         In the 2015 elections 84 EWRs are presidents and 72 EWRs are vice presidents of the GPs where they contested.

·         52 Women Leadership Workshops (WLWs) were conducted for 3648 EWRs from 424 GPs

·         47 WLW follow up workshops were held in 19 Taluks for 1511 EWRs from 353 GPs

·         A resource team of 18 members was formed, trained and used for trainings

·         154 trainings were held on “Panchayati Raj Rules” for 5606 women members of SHGs and the ODP Mahilodaya federation to garner support through their political awareness

·         14 Media workshops were conducted to sensitize 150 journalists.

·         472 EWRs of 84 GPs were trained on the RTI Act

·         Need based workshops were conducted in all the terms as per needs like – MGNREGA, RTI Act, DV Act, Women and Law, Awareness on Malnutrition / Nutritious  food,  etc.       



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