Goal: To improve the socio-economic and ecological conditions of poor and disadvantaged small/ marginal farmers and landless labourers on better managememanagement of natural resources and productivity in order to achieve  poverty elevation  livelihood security.


  1.             Contribute to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the poor rural population of drought prone areas in Karnataka.
  2.            Contribute to capacitate the poor and disadvantaged sections of rural population to participate actively in the development process
  3.         Contribute to improve sustainable natural resource management for enhancing livelihoods of small / marginal farmers and landless families in 4 poor and drought prone areas of Kollegal Taluk in Chamarajanagar district.


  1.             Capacity Building
  2.            Soil & Water conservation activities
  3.            Greening measures
  4.            Sustainable agriculture
  5.             Income Generation activities


  1.            Awareness created among the community on conservation of soil and water and management of natural resources.
  2.             More than 20,000 families of small and marginal farmers were benefitted
  3.         Run off water is controlled to a large extent and ground water level is increasing.
  4.             9900 acres of uncultivable land brought under cultivation
  5.           12,43,108 plants have been planted with a survival rate of 60 %.
  6.             Soil erosion is controlled and till now an average of 91504 metric tons of soil is conserved.
  7.            During good rain days an average of 35212 TCM (Thousand Cubic Meter) of rain water is harvested in the structures and this has percolated into the ground leading to increase of ground water level.
  8.             18 model plots created.
  9.            124 community borewells made.
  10.            16 community halls were constructed.


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