Campaign against Cancer – SPARSHA- INSTILLING HOPE

Cancer is the second most common cause of death worldwide, after cardiovascular diseases, resulting in 1.3 million deaths every year. In recent times there has been increase in incidence of cancer in India and nearly two people are diagnosed every minute with cancer.   More than 70% of the cases present an advanced stage, accounting for poor survival and high mortality. The five most frequent cancers are – breast, cervical, oral cavity, lung and colorectal.

Many people with cancer feel low, depressed and sad. They feel a sense of loss about their health, and the life they had before they learned they had the disease. Some fears about cancer are based on stories, rumors or wrong information. Feeling strong and positive will help the patient during the healing process. The early detection and treatment of cancer can significantly improve a cancer person’s outlook. People with cancer can lead active lives, even during treatment.

With the support of Caritas India –New Delhi, a campaign against cancer “SPARSHA- INSTILLING HOPE” has been launched, to empower cancer patients to cope with the situation and start a new life.  Awareness will be created among the larger population about the disease, by organizing free health checkup camps, promoting healthy life styles, motivating people to set up kitchen gardens and making people aware about the approaches of early detection of cancer, its treatment and linkages to do so.

Mysore Diocese in collaboration with Organization for the Development of People – ODP, Mysore, will be actively involving in the campaign. ODP is a non-profit, non-government organization which has been working since 1984 and has successfully implemented  a number of development programs for the poor and needy. It is decided to make Mysore, Mandya, Kodagu and Chamarajanagar areas – cancer free areas. It is planned to support cancer patients through counselling and by giving them hope for a new life.  Volunteers and SPARSHA ambassadors will be promoted to further the campaign.

 Our goal is to educate the community on the basics of cancer and cancer treatment and thus promote a cancer aware society. Possessing this knowledge people will have a better understanding of cancer and how to make informed choices about cancer care options.

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