Alternate Renewable Energy (ARE)

To reduce pressure on ecology, to increase soil fertility and food productivity and to prevent degradation and destruction of natural resources through promotion of Alternate Renewable Energy (ARE) resources like cooking medium and organic manure, etc.


  1.          To provide awareness to our people’s group on various environmental issues and build up their capacity for the use/ management of renewable natural energy system.
  2.             Motivate people to construct Biogas plants, Chulaas in order to save trees and reduce drudgery of women and children.
  3.             Promote lanterns so as to save precious electricity and improve lighting in homes.
  4.             Enable people to convert locally available organic waste into productive energy.

·         7643 families have reduced use of wood fuel for cooking and are saving green coverage by constructing small and big fuel efficient chulaas.

The ARE systems promoted by ODP are – more than 1600 Biogas plants, more than 5000 Smoke less & Fuel Efficient Chulaas, 1500 Solar Home Lights, 3500 Lanterns,  and 65 Solar Street lights benefiting more than 11,665 direct beneficiaries.

Bio gas constructed from ODP in Goruru and Kalavadi village of Srirampura Panchayath of Mysuru Taluk and district. The average family size of all these families is 5 members. 2 cubic meter of plants are constructed in KVIC model. 

Impacts Of ARE:

  1.            Awareness has been created in more than 50,000 people on solar energy and the importance of saving energy.
  2.          8631 families & Communities have reduced use of wood fuel for cooking and saved forest trees by constructing / setting up – 3065 – 2+1 Chulas, 81 Sarala cook stoves & 4200 Astra stoves.
  3.           1600 Bio-gas plants were constructed in ODP working areas.
  4.            5270 families and 12 village communities are using sun energy through 8220 CFL/LED bulbs which has saved about 2142.5 units of electricity daily.
  5.             ODP is being recognized in the field of ARE.
  6.          Farmers are using solar lanterns to go to their agriculture farms during dark hours to run their pump sets and let out water to the plants, thus increasing their agricultural productivity.
  7.            Houses have sufficient light during times of electricity failure, and children study better.
  8.            Kitchens are clean with no smoke and cooking is done faster.
  9.            With the 2+ 1 chulas – families have enough hot water for drinking and bathing needs, at all times.
  10.             We have identified a few hamlets which are totally without electricity and helped families there to have a better quality of life. 


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