Rain Disaster in Kodagu

Kodagu received one of its heaviest rainfall in many years and heavy rain continued to lash the district and water started rising in the rivers.Flooding occurred in several areas and landslides swept through the 2 taluks of Madekeri and Somwarpet in Kodagu District, destroying several villages and areas and leaving in its trail – disaster, destruction and grief.

ODP took immediate initiatives to take up relief works for the flood affected people of Kodagu.ODP played a major role in relief works and coordinated with different partners for the visits, support and collaboration.

Collection of Funds & Goods:

  • ODP organised a one day collection in Mysore city.All ODP staff with students went to 20 different locations of Mysuru. The response from the locals was very good and we were able to collect Rs. 166,298/- (Rupees One Lakh Sixty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety Eight only) in cash; and goods worth about Rs. 65,000/- in kind.
  • ODP coordinated with many other organizations which also supported with goods in kind for immediate relief. Clothes, Groceries, Sanitary pads, Stationery, Washing soap, Bathing soap, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Blankets, Bedsheets, Towel, Provisions,Vessels, Bleaching powder, Candles, Matchboxes, and Mosquito nets all worth of Rs  69,78,969.00were mobilized and distributed in the distressed areas.
  • Immediate data collection was done by the ODP staff on villages affected families who have lost their homes and families whose homes have been damaged. In 42 villages 563 houses collapsed and 537 houses damaged.
  • The ODP director and staff made more than 40 visits to the flood effected areas in Kodagu in order to plan, review and implement the various flood relief activities. In addition, 6 of ODPs field staff in Kodagu were in constant touch with the flood victims – providing them with succour and comfort in a tireless manner.
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