The Hunger Project (THP)

The Hunger Project (THP)

The Hunger Project (THP) is a global strategic organization
working in 14 countries, committed to ending hunger. In India it is
committed to ignite, kindle and sustain the leadership spirit in women
elected to village Panchayaths. The 73rd Amendment to the Indian
Constitution which mandated 33.3% reservation for women in all three
tiers of the Panchayath Raj Institution has brought more than one million
It is our conviction that active participation of these women in local governance shall make a change in the
social milieu of our country.
The THP is primarily to support and strengthen women’s political leadership in local governance.
Aim: A collaborative space for women in local governance, alongside men.
Goal: Capacity building and empowerment of poor and marginalized women who are elected as Gram
Panchayath members to understand their roles and responsibilities and function effectively
Presently the THP is spread over 242 gram panchayats in 11 taluks of 4 districts – Mysore, Mandya,
Chamarajanagar and Kodagu.

Key activities during the year
1) Women Leadership Workshops (WLW)

The WLWs help women to challenge social
inequalities and enable them to identify their
role as active panchayath leaders. During the year
10 WLWs were conducted to benefit 368 EWRs
from 158 GPs of 8 Taluks
2) Follow up of Women Leadership Workshops

During the year, 32 WLW follow up workshops
were conducted benefitting 978 EWRs from 239
GPs of 11 Taluks to address various issues like – violence against women, domestic violence, issues
related to good governance, etc.
3) Issue-based Interface meetings with Taluk and Dist. Level Administration

As aresult of the interface better linkages are built
with between EWRs and various Government
4) Need Based Workshops on RTI Act 2005,
MGNREGA and Domestic Violence Act 2005

During the year 5 need based workshops were
conducted – 1 on MGNREGA, 1 on DV Act
2005 and 3 on RTI Act 2005. These workshops
benefitted 170 EWRs from 69 GPs of 5 taluks.
5) Jagruthi Vedike (JV) formation and meetings at
GP level

The JV concept was introduced in September 2011 in 25 GPs of 5 Taluks of our working area, to carry
out the function of a supporting structure to strengthen the EWRs and the community women. JV advocates
for the rights of EWRs and addresses issues related to good governance, gender and social justice.
During the year, 21 JVs were formed, each consisting of 25 to 35 members, who created a platform to provide
motivation to 899 women for working towards better local governance.

Awareness camps & Workshops
Signature campaigns wereconducted in 11 Taluks
demanding constitutional amendment in favour
of 50% reservation for women and increase in
honorarium to the Presidents, Vice-Presidents and
ward members of GPs.
With the support and advocacy of the state SUGRAMA
federation and other likeminded networks – from
Dec 2011 onwards 50% reservation for women was
implemented in the Panchayathraj system

Battles &Triumphs
The EWRs in their capacity as elected representatives
and public servants are fighting against a number of social evils and illegal activities that disgrace and destroy
the society, such as -alcoholism, sexual harassments, bigamy, corruption, etc., an indication of what an
empowered woman can be –‘an agent of change in the society’.
• 21 women leaders from Gonikoppa and Ponnampet GP areas contested in the second phase of the Gram
Panchayath elections through SWEEP campaign under THP umbrella and 6 of them won the elections.

Dr. Ravikumar, a doctor in the Government
Hospital at Hudikeri of Virajpet Taluk sexually
harassed a girl who came for medical treatment.
Joined by the village people, 22 EWRs made protests
and demanded his suspension. Dr. Yathiraj, the
DHO and Mrs. Kanthi Belliappa, the President of ZP
Health and Education Standing Committee, made an
investigation. On verification of facts, Dr. Ravikumar
was suspended from duties.

On learning that the husband of Pushpa
of Thubusoge village was attempting a second
marriagebecause she gave birth to a girl child, the
JV members brought the matter to the knowledge of the Taluk Protection Officer who called both the
husband and wife for counselling. Now they are living together amicably.
• EWRs of Bisilwadi, Amachawadi and Kuderu GPs of ChamarajanagarTaluk,made a complaint to
Mr. Sundar Naik,the CEO, on themisuse of MGNREGA funds,by the GP secretaries. After verification of
facts, the CEO took action against the 3 secretaries and put them under suspension.
SUGRAMA Meetings
During the year 13 SUGRAMA meetings were conducted in 11 Taluks to discuss and plan for collective
actions for various issues like – anti arrack issue, poor quality of food under PDS, 50% reservation for women
in Panchyath raj system, honorarium and sitting fees of GP members, regular monthly meetings with effective
agenda, strengthening of the standing committee in GPS, etc.

EWRs participate in other activities
• 11 EWRs attended in Somawarpete Taluk
Nabard watershed
program orientation
workshop, and world environment day in
June 2011
• 5 Taluk Presidents and 6 EC members of
organized by ANSSIRD, Mysore in Sept.,
under UN Women program.
• 3 Dist. Representatives of State SUGRAMA
members participated in 4 state level
federation meetings and 1 workshop on property rights at Bangalore.
• 309 Ward sabhas were conducted by trained EWRs on their own leadership.
• Effective Grama sabha and ward sabha meetings have taken place in many more working areas
(Specially in 220 GPs of 11 Taluks)
• 50 special Grama sabhas were held successfully by EWRs who are Presidents.
• More concentration is being given to women issues and safe drinking water.
• EWRs emphasized more transparency in GPs
• EWRs gained self-confidence to work for the future.