Objectivies: Sustainable agriculture is a type of agriculture that focuses on producing long-term crops and livestock while having minimal effects on the environment.


·         Greening Measures Activities.

·         Organic Forming Achievements.

·          Income Generation Activities.


·         1242 soil and water samples have been tested.

·         712 soil and 530 water samples – recommendations were given to the farmers based on the results observed in the report.

Impacts of the SAP:

·         459 NADEP Compost pits for bio manure ,309 Bio -pesticide units  and 28 sprayers have been provided  to the farmers .

·         Every day farmers  are harvesting 1to 1.5 tons of fodder grass and feeding for the animals .Farmers are getting additional  milk yield of 500ml-1 liter every day this is an additional income for the farmers

·         64 Farmers collected  the fodder grass  root slips from the model farmers and planted , farmers  are  come forward to collect fodder root clips and voluterely  growing  fodder grass in the area.