Enthusiastic team work of ODP staff.

In order to protect & conserve environment; maintain clean society; lessen the burden of women and spare her time spend only for cooking to productive purpose; ODP has promoted SPT 610 steel stoves. 600 stoves were imported by ODP for its community members.
The advantage of this stove is as follows
Less Fuel: 50% less consumption of fuel
• Reduce drudgery of women collecting fuel wood
• Reduced deforestation due to less consumption of fuel wood
Less Smoke: 70% reduction in smoke
• Beneficial in terms of reduced Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) and healthier environment for women and children
• Reduces global warming due to reduction of black carbon and other warming agents.
• Less blackening of cooking pots and kitchen walls.
Less cooking time: Reduces the cooking time by approximately half
• Less exposure of women to kitchen smoke
• More time for economic/ recreational activities
Local Fuel: Chopped locally available solid biomass used as fuel
• The fuel required does not demand the establishment of separate fuel supply chains and facilitates local.
• Timely availability of cooking fuel.
Here are few photos of all ODP staff transporting stoves for community members.